Get to Know Our Cushman Tap Cart

Our Cushman Tap Cart (Finlay Ray)

Ok, so after adding Alice Marie to the family, we couldn’t stop at just one tap vehicle… so here is Finlay Ray.  He is a fancy and elegant little guy, featuring 4 taps. Finlay just like his big sister Alice Marie can tap anything your heart desires, but his personal favorite is prosecco…. because… YES!  Finlay is smaller, so he can fit into virtually any yard, by driving in right through the gate, or inside any double door entry, making him more accommodating to almost any home or venue. Finlay Ray, or “Lil’ Fin” as we call him is dignified and sweet, and shares his name with Kinsey as well as all of Kinsey’s sisters, sons and nephews as they all share Finlay as their middle name honouring the man, the myth, the legend that was Kinsey’s grandfather.  Having our newest tap truck carry his name is a constant happy reminder to Kinsey and Neal of the love he had for his whole family. So welcome the “CUSH Life” to your next event by adding this stunning vehicle and elevate the experience!

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